Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Re: ANN: autopkgtests are now specific for "triggering" package for better isolation

Hey Robert,

Robert Park [2015-11-11 13:06 -0800]:
> Have you tried it with 1100? IIRC there's some magic that happens when set
> above 1000, but I'd have to read the man page again to remember.

The magic is that with >= 1000 apt will downgrade installed packages.
But that sounds wrong to me.

> > Note that several tests failed with "test dependencies are
> > unsatisfiable" over night. The reason for that was that autopkgtest
> > had an insufficient fallback to no apt pinning (now fixed in [2]), and
> > that we currently dist-upgrade the testbed to the entirety of
> > -proposed before we start installing test dependencies and running
> Well that sounds like it defeats the whole point of the pinning, doesn't
> it? I thought the goal was to not install all of -proposed.

Sure it is a bit of a defeat, but so far I neither know nor have seen
anything better :-( But actually the current approach is working
rather well. It still installs as many packages as possible from
-release, then sees the apt "unsatisfiable deps" error, and re-runs
the install without pinning. But at that point most stuff is already
installed, so usually this should only affect a package or two. So
while it's ugly, the practical result is actually rather good.


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