Thursday, 4 February 2016

moving of ppp packages from standard seed

Hey all,

For Ubuntu Server we've been doing some work on our seeds to try to trim
down default installations. There are 3 packages related to ppp (ppp
pppconfig pppoeconf) that we plan to remove from the 'server' seed.
I've opened bug 1541422 [1] to track that.

What I've done so far is to remove these packages from the 'standard'
seed [2] and add them to server-ship and to desktop [3].

The net result will be that the packages will be available on the server
CD and in the desktop image (as they were before) but will not be
automatically installed along side the 'server' task.

I wanted to send this mail to let other interested parties or
seed-maintainers know that they will need to explicitly include these
packages if they want them in their seed.


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