Friday, 18 March 2016

Only one qt version on the Ubuntu Desktop iso?

Hey there,

The only reason the Xenial Ubuntu Desktop iso currently has qt4 still
included is because the "integration components for softwares using that
toolkit" are Recommends (appmenu-qt, sni-qt, fcitx-frontend-qt4).

The default installation has no actual use for those but removing them
would mean that an Unity user installing some qt4 software wouldn't get
integrated menus/indicators/input method.

We could make qt4 recommends them, but then they would be pulled in on
other desktops environment where they are not needed ... how would other
flavors feel about that?
If that's not an option does somebody have a better suggestion/idea how
we could get those installed for Unity users when required?

Unsure if that's still something we might still want to do this cycle,
I'm at least mentioning it in case somebody feels like working on those

Sebastien Bacher

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