Wednesday, 18 May 2016

SRU never reviewed, why/how do we avoid that next time?

Hey there,

(sorry if that's not the perfect place but the SRU team doesn't have a
dedicated contact point/mailing list that I know of)

We had a libreoffice bugfix SRU in the week after the 15.10 release to
address some of the user feedback we received from the iso version,
that's still waiting in the queue unreviewed as far as we can tell (the
bugs references didn't get updates, the updater/uploader didn't get

That's a bit unfortunate and I'm unsure what happened there. The SRU
team is working on best-effort basis and it's understandable that
reviews take time sometime, but in this case the queue has been
regularly reviewed since, it just seems that everybody ignored that item
for some reason. I can imagine that reviewers tend to stay away from
libreoffice updates since those can be non trivial to review, but in
this case the diff it's pretty trivial.

Coming to the point I would like to try to understand what has been the
issue there (insight from the SRU team welcome ;-) and if we can find a
solution so it doesn't happen next time?

Sebastien Bacher

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