Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Re: Installation Media and supportability of i386 in 18.04 LTS Re: Ubuntu Desktop on i386

Am Mittwoch, den 29.06.2016, 14:37 +0100 schrieb Mark Shuttleworth:
> Folks, I think we need to understand whether i386 won't be widely
> used
> for very small IoT devices and hence be important for developers
> targeting those. I accept i386 i no longer relevant for PC's and
> laptops, but I would not be surprised if 32-bit x86 is used in small
> 'embedded' environments. Please factor this in to the discussion, and
> let's circle back to review once there is an assessment that includes
> that insight.

would we expect to actually have debian-installer/ubiquity based images
for such IoT devices ? 

the archive can not go away anyway (too many apps out there that still
need multiarch i386), so we should still have a base for i386 IoT
Snappy images, chroots and containers (to run on amd64 classic). 

i think in that light the classic installer images can go away (we'll
definitely still have an untested mini.iso and netinst images around,
they come from the d-i build itself, in case someone *really* needs a
fallback classic install here)