Friday, 1 July 2016

GCC/binutils and Python 2/3 updates for xenial

In the past weeks I've prepared updates for 16.04 LTS, updating gcc-5, binutils,
python2.7 and python3.5 to the last upstream point releases. The archive was
rebuilt using these versions, and an analysis of the test rebuild can be found
at LP: #1586673 (SRU for binutils and gcc-5).

binutils is already available in xenial-proposed, the other packages can be
found in the PPA ubuntu-toolchain-r/ppa. Feel free to check against these
packages, report issues in new bug reports, and mention these in #1586673.

LP: #1591895 is the SRU for python2.7. still
lists some issues which need some investigation. Some of these are related to
Python 3.5 (not yet uploaded to the xenial queue).


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