Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Announce: new result browser

Hello all,

TL;DR: now has current results but lost
some features. I'll add them back ASAP.

Long version with details: has been a nuisance for a while -- test
results appeared only hours after they ran, or sometimes not at all.
This was an architectural problem of using and generating a gazillion
static files, so that the box was under too much I/O load and
constantly running out of inodes. I tried to patch around this for a
while, but it was finally time for a new design.

This service now uses a single SQLite database and generates the pages
on the fly. This takes three magnitudes (!) less space and reduces
latency from a few hours to ≤ 10 minutes (I will look at further
optimizing the swift download), and during that the code shrank to ~
10% of the original size. This is now not using debci any more but
just a simple Flask app [1] with a bunch of templates [2]. Pleasantly

The main functionality is reimplemented: In particular, the package
history from excuses.html [3] and running/queued tests [4] work. What
does not exist yet is the package search -- if you want to look at a
particular package you need to navigate to

for package "foo" for now. I'll add this back, but I expect most
people come to it via excuses.html anyway.

Also the format of running.json [5] changed -- it now *only* contains
running tests, not the queue info any more (ask me if you are
interested in details). I'll put a separate queue.json back at some
point which will be generated on the fly.

The old debci instance still exists, if some catastrophe happens I can
flip DNS back to it.



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