Wednesday, 31 August 2016

/usr/bin/gpg to be provided by 2.1.x series in Yakkety


Recently Debian has switched to 2.1.x by default

And most of the bugs have been fixed by now in the archive, and these
have now made their way to yakkety.

I have requested an FFe which was granted to do the switch in Ubuntu

This will mean that:

* /usr/bin/gpg and the gnupg binary packages will be provided by the
gnupg2 source package.

* gpg1 will be available from the gnupg1 binary and source package.

* old gnupg source package will be removed.

The plan is to upload the switch early on Thursday, and I will be
available to monitor or fix any fallout resulting from that. I'm not
expecting much, but surely something might turn up.

== Journalists ==

I'm not a spokesperson for Canonical or the Ubuntu Project.

Journalists and analysts seeking information should email



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