Monday, 1 August 2016

Re: Annoucing netplan -- Consolidated YAML network configuration across Ubuntu

Hello Clint,

Clint Byrum [2016-08-01 10:03 -0700]:
> Over in the wild and crazy world of OpenStack, we've been coming up with
> some of this already in the config-drive:
> I see a ton of parallel in the idea, and there is already code in
> cloud-init to translate it into /e/n/i, so I just wonder if this format
> can be reused, or at least built upon, so that the effort doesn't have
> to be duplicated forever.

That was actually the case -- the trigger for this was to evolve the
current cloud-init network config support and unify it with the
similar YAML that is currently being used in MaaS/curtin (plus, also
use it in snappy and desktop/server installers). Scott Moser and Ryan
Harper were the cloud-side drivers of this.


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