Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Re: Annoucing netplan -- Consolidated YAML network configuration across Ubuntu

Christian Ehrhardt [2016-08-01 11:50 +0200]:
> The hard part might be to avoid conflicts with the tools later on - in that
> case lszdev/chzdev.
> Providing an ephemeral rule would be nice to be able to control things, but
> I'm afraid (and don't want to) of re-implementing chzdevs code.
> How would it "take over" an ephemeral rule later on if the user changes
> configuration via chzdev - I have to think about that more.

netplan would never "take over" anything -- it creates rules in
/run/udev/rules.d/ of course, but if you put conflicting/colliding
things into netplan's yaml and chzdev's own config files you get to
keep both halves. This is similar to configuring any other interface
in both netplan and networkd/NM directly.

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