Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Which python-django version for yakkety?

Hi All,

python-django in yakkety is currently at 1.8.7 while sid is at 1.10.  I think we need to carefully consider whether we want to update python-django in yakkety at this point in time (we're 16 days until feature freeze), as there will be side-effects if we move to 1.10. 

There's an outstanding merge request that I just commented on here:

The move to 1.10 in sid has caused quite a bit of breakage. It looks like a number of upstream projects are not updated yet to handle django 1.10 feature changes. One example is horizon, see Thomas' patches here, and he's not done fixing things: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/openstack/horizon.git/log/?h=debian/newton

I understand that the following packages have also required patches thus far:  django-classy-tags django-nose python-django-babel python-django-bootstrap-form python-django-formtools python-django-openstack-auth python-django-sekizai python-django-appconf python-django-babel python-django-bootstrap-form python-django-compressor python-django-formtools python-django-openstack-auth python-django-overextends python-django-pyscss.

Does anyone have any more insight or thoughts on this?