Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Re: Rolling Release Ubuntu?

> On 6 May 2017, at 12:32, N. W. <> wrote:
> So why even do releases in between (16.10/17.04./17.10 for example)?
> You're doing a 16.10/17.04./17.10 release (which most users do not use anyway) and then in addition to that also backport lots of things to 16.04. So much wasted/duplicated effort. It would be much better if you would rather do one rolling release and concentrate on that one.

I'd be interested to see these statistics that back-up the claim of "most users" not using intermediate releases between LTSes. While 51% of users would count as "most" that would also mean several million users (I'm guessing here) using intermediate releases. While it is appropriate to discuss the potential for a rolling release I think that arguments in favour, which are based on assumptions of "most users", need to be thoroughly researched rather than bandied about liberally without hard facts.

Daniel Llewellyn
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