Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ubuntu Foundations Team - Weekly Newsletter, 21017-06-15


Please find below the first edition of a new weekly newsletter from the
Ubuntu Foundations Team. It contains highlights from the week, information
about the state of the Ubuntu development archive, and other news from the
Foundations Team.


The Ubuntu Foundations Team

*Thursday June 15, 2017*


This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Foundations
Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects
the team may be working on.

If you would like to reach the Foundations team, you can find us at the
#ubuntu-devel channel on freenode.


* PIE is now enabled across all architectures by default in artful.
Targeted rebuilds have been done of packages which would break
reverse-build-dependencies due to not being compiled with PIE (except for
reiser4progs which is waiting for a Debian update, then a sync; Debian bug
#864794). The rest of the archive will now pick up PIE support on i386,
armhf, and arm64 over the development cycle with rebuilds.

* livecd-rootfs and live-build were accepted into trusty-proposed to bring
cloud image builds into livecd-rootfs for all supported releases.

* An apport hook was added to openjdk-8 in artful to capture hs_err log
files on crashes and modified conffiles on all reports. (LP: #1696886)

* Bug was reported about +upcomingwork timing out for the
canonical-foundations team which has now been fixed by the awesome
Launchpad team. See if it works for your team too! (LP: #1696519)

* Netplan news

o Preparing to move to netplan in cloud images for 17.10 (LP: #1698181).
o New IRC channel on freenode for talking about netplan - come by and say
hi in #netplan.
o netplan SRU of 0.23 to X, Y, Z + SRU verification in progress.
o netplan is now used by default to configure networks when installing
server via d-i.

* Revised SecureBoot patches everywhere:
o Improved Secure Boot, improved chainloading (booting Windows from Grub).
o Fixes for incorrect prompting to disable Secure Boot when using DKMS

The State of the Archive

* Python3.6 has been added as a supported python version in artful-proposed,
so the python3.6 transition is now in progress. Rebuild testing with
python3.6 as default has begun:

Upcoming Ubuntu Dates

* 16.10 EoL in July 2017
* 16.04.3 point release is scheduled for August 3, 2017

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