Thursday, 4 April 2019

Re: [Ubuntu Wiki] Update of "StableReleaseUpdates" by xnox

Hi Dimitri,

Thank you for updating the wiki - I appreciate your efforts in making
process clearer and helping to streamline SRUs.

On Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 12:19:39PM -0000, Ubuntu Wiki wrote:
> + [Autopkgtest Regressions]
> +
> + Once this package is accepted in proposed, use this space to
> + explain autopkgtest regressions as seen on pending-sru page, and
> + proposed migrations output for releases in question. Proposed
> + migrations output page, has also retry buttons to rerun the tests.

However in this particular case I'm not sure I want an explanation in
the bug. What I'd like instead is the pending-sru report clear of
autopkgtest regression reports, and for the explanation to be in the
commit message against the hints branch that cleared it through.
Otherwise it's work for somebody to explain it in the bug and more work
for an SRU team member to then create the branch, copy the explanation
into a commit message, merge, etc.

Instead of having those driving SRUs explain in the bug description,
wouldn't we be better guiding them towards submitting an MP against the
correct hints branch, and putting their justifications in that MP

For those not familiar with process and volunteering as best as they
can, I'd be happy to do this for them. But in the general case of Ubuntu
developers who can file MPs, I think I'd prefer them to just file the

The MPs could even be linked to the affected SRU bugs, so it'd be clear
to an SRU team member reviewing via bug that outstanding hints MPs exist
that claim to clear false positives.