Wednesday, 1 May 2019

A checklist for the new release cycle process

As an experimental method of keeping track of items done as a part of
processes in the development of Ubuntu releases the Foundations team has
created a Trello board[1] of the Ubuntu wiki page[2] regarding the
process for opening a new release for development.

The lanes have been named after the headings in the wiki page e.g.
"Previous release minus 1 month" and the cards have been named using the
first five words[3] of the bullet point / action. Additionally, there is
a Done lane, used exactly the way you'd think, and a Skipped lane for
items that won't be done. Skipped items can be ones that can just be
dropped from the checklist or ones that warrant further discussion about
how they should be changed.

If you participate in the new release cycle process please utilize the
board[4] so everyone is aware of what has been and what needs to be

If you have any feedback about using Trello for this please let us know.

[3] It was the best thing I could come up with.
[4] Contact me for access

Brian Murray

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