Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Re: RFC: Ubuntu HA resource-agents supportability

Dan, Billy, and all...

part of the result from this thread is at:

and will at the Ubuntu Server Guide for 20.04 (Ubuntu HA session being finished).

I changed wording to guarantee this is seen as a community effort and to differentiate from any Ubuntu Advantage offering.

Categories are:

  • Resource Agents: [main]
  • Resource Agents: [universe]
  • Resource Agents: [universe]-community
  • Resource Agents: [non-supported]
  • Resource Agents: [deprecated]

From now on, in my head, we're 1:1 with Ubuntu Advantage in nomenclature. Note that resource-agents are in [main] and fence-agents are in [universe]. Despite that, the list is what defines our efforts for support - server & SEG - on those, at least until I split all agents into more packages.

I'm creating another discourse for fencing-agents as well, same thing.

Please give me your +1 if possible, and feel free to -1 with suggestions.



On 07/04/2020 23:47, Rafael David Tinoco wrote:
I added a few comments below, otherwise all the categories look  reasonable to me, thanks!  
  Thanks for the feedback Dan!