Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Re: RFC: Ubuntu HA resource-agents supportability

On 29/04/2020 00:10, Rafael David Tinoco wrote:
Dan, Billy, and all...

part of the result from this thread is at:

And the fence agents can be found over here

The same (as bellow) applies to this list.

and will at the Ubuntu Server Guide for 20.04 (Ubuntu HA session being finished).

I changed wording to guarantee this is seen as a community effort and to differentiate from any Ubuntu Advantage offering.

Categories are:

  • Resource Agents: [main]
  • Resource Agents: [universe]
  • Resource Agents: [universe]-community
  • Resource Agents: [non-supported]
  • Resource Agents: [deprecated]

From now on, in my head, we're 1:1 with Ubuntu Advantage in nomenclature. Note that resource-agents are in [main] and fence-agents are in [universe]. Despite that, the list is what defines our efforts for support - server & SEG - on those, at least until I split all agents into more packages.

I'm creating another discourse for fencing-agents as well, same thing.

Please give me your +1 if possible, and feel free to -1 with suggestions.



On 07/04/2020 23:47, Rafael David Tinoco wrote:
I added a few comments below, otherwise all the categories look  reasonable to me, thanks!  
Thanks for the feedback Dan!