Tuesday, 12 May 2020

git-ubuntu 0.10.1 (beta) Released

The git-ubuntu snap package has been updated to 0.10.1 in the edge
channel, and will be pushed through to the beta and stable channels in
approximately one week. 0.10 was tagged and published to the edge
channel, but never announced: we found some bugs in it which are now
fixed in 0.10.1.

I'm going to start sending release announcements to
ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com instead of ubuntu-server@lists.ubuntu.com
and have adjusted our release process accordingly.

Changes from 0.9.1 to 0.10.1

There has been significant refactoring of the importer internals and
surrounding support code. You may already have been seeing the effects
of these changes in the experimental imported branches. This includes
some deliberate changes to the imported commit graph structure, tags and
message formatting. Various edge case import failures have been fixed
with these design changes, and textual output is cleaned up for
presentation purposes.

`git ubuntu clone` will now set up the `pkg` remote to point to the
default Ubuntu source package git repository for a given package. The
old experimental location will stop working soon after the upcoming 1.0
release when we will move the importer service bot to its own team. You
should "reclone" your repositories before then, or alternatively you can
edit `.git/config` in your repositories and adjust the `pkg` remote URL
to remove the `~usd-import-team/' prefix.

Commits included in this release

Andreas Hasenack (13):
Group and order my requested packages
add isc-kea
add ipmctl to the persistent memory stack
Add nsscache, volatildap and vmem to the whitelist
Add linux-gcp to blacklist
blacklist linux-gke and linux-kvm
Import packages related to the mysql my_bool work from the focal
development cycle.
Add libmaxminddb, about to be in main (LP: #1861101)
whitelist: python-{maxminddb,geoip2}
Add libfido2 and libcbor to whitelist
Add a few more big kernel source packages to the blacklist
Add meson to whitelist, requested by ddstreet
Add ruby-em-synchrony to whitelist

Bryce Harrington (8):
systemd: Fix journal output
systemd: Define dependence on network online
mailer: Connect and disconnect from smtp service when sending
mailer: Avoid bytes->Text->bytes conversion on mail body
version: bump to 0.9.2
version: bump to 0.9.3
version: bump to 0.9.4
clone: Allow git+ssh proto for fetch

Nishanth Aravamudan (1):
importer: drop unused variable

Rafael David Tinoco (2):
Adding all packages related to Ubuntu HA that were not added yet.
Note: Special need to add python-rtslib-fb and targetcli-fb (MIR).
Despite being in 'universe', fence-virt is an important Ubuntu HA
pkg. Adding it to whitelist.

Robie Basak (81):
Collapse dual (un)applied code using an enum
Merge branch 'applied-enum'
.git escaping: fix test parameter comments
.git escaping: add test for failing case
.git escaping: fix failing case
Add style notes on the use of xfail
Add importer parent commit test for no parents
importer: call using kwargs
test_get_existing_import_tags: squash applied
Add test: test_get_existing_import_tags_ordering
Sort reimport tags before using them
Allow for multiple changelog parents
test_get_import_commit_msg: multiple parent case
Generalise test_get_changelog_parent_commits
Add multiple changelog parent tests
Support multiple changelog parents
get_changelog_parent_commits: use PatchState enum
Add further docstrings and comments
Merge branch 'xfail-style'
Add xfailing test case for broken symlinks
Fix RenameableDir instantiation on broken symlinks
Add RenameableDir constructor file must exist test
RenamableDir: check that the supplied file exists
Fix typo in test input data
Fix importer test validation repo commits
Merge branch 'renameabledir-must-exist'
Merge branch 'fix-importer-tests'
import_unapplied_dsc: refactor for readability
Factor out get_unapplied_import_parents
Stop checking the tip head version
Move debug log of tag creation
Add GitUbuntuRepository.descendant_of method
Rewrite unapplied commit creation and tagging
Merge branch 'fix-unapplied-commits-and-tags'
Bump ubuntu-dev-tools Python 3 version
Drop unnecessary indirection
Invert _commit_import return value
Fix test patch heisenbug
Adjust to new commit message standard
Simplify get_import_commit_msg
Drop target_head_name from _commit_import
Drop upload_parent_commit from _commit_import
Push and pull changelog notes
Fetch changelog notes on "git ubuntu clone"
Configure notes.displayRef on clone
Add explanatory comments on changelog notes
Set LP HEAD by looking at our heads
launchpad_versions_published_after: empty is OK
Add docstrings for existing code
Interleave LP publications during consumption
Add docstrings and comments
Add importer notes
Factor out datetime_to_signature_spec
Add repo_factory fixture
Add rich history preservation
Add tagger support to create_tag()
Add signature support to repo_builder
create_import_tag: use Pythonic object for commit
Make tagging hash-stable
Merge branch 'rich-history-preservation'
Clear notes before reimport
Adjust name and email to match new spec
Clean up changelog note output
Clone the default target repository directly
Document testing strategy
Merge branch 'document-testing-strategy'
Add clevis to whitelist
Merge branch 'clear-notes-before-reimport'
Fix Debian/Ubuntu HEAD branch detection
Merge branch 'adjust-name-and-email-to-spec'
Merge branch 'clean-up-changelog-notes'
Merge branch 'clone-default-repository'
Merge branch 'fix-head-detection'
Preserve MPs on reimport
version: bump to 0.10
Don't add changelog notes fetch refspec for !pkg
Fix changelog timezone parsing
Use the same repo fixture in round trip test
Test rich history preservation unescaped patch bug
Fix rich history preservation unescaped patch bug
Fix docstring

Scott Moser (1):
Add support for executing self test in checked out tree.