Friday, 29 May 2020

git-ubuntu 1.0-rc1 released

The git-ubuntu snap has been updated to 1.0-rc1 in the edge channel.
Once all reimports are complete, this is a candidate to be released as
1.0 and published to the beta and stable channels at that point.

I will send a separate announcement about the upcoming reimports
necessary to bring all existing imported repositories to the 1.0

Changes from 0.10.1 to 1.0-rc1

Significant changes in this release are the removal of the experimental
build, lint, review, import-local and import-ppa subcommands. We expect
to reintroduce stable versions of these subcommands post-1.0, subject to
demand and priority.

Other changes include fixes for various importer edge cases, and the
facility to manage reimport requests in production for the upcoming

Commits included in this release

Andreas Hasenack (2):
Add sbuild-launchpad-chroot, requested by smoser on IRC
Import squashfs-tools-ng

Bryce Harrington (6):
Remove import-local cli command
Remove import-ppa cli command
Remove review cli command
Remove build command
Remove lint command
Move derive_target_branch() to git_repository

Robie Basak (25):
Don't add changelog notes fetch refspec for !pkg
Fix changelog timezone parsing
Merge branch 'fix-remote-add-changelog-notes'
Merge branch 'fix-changelog-timezone-parsing'
Use the same repo fixture in round trip test
Test rich history preservation unescaped patch bug
Fix rich history preservation unescaped patch bug
Fix docstring
Release process: change announcement destination
Release process: automatic tag annotation
Release process: add service restart instructions
Add to kernel blacklist
Add reimport support to the importer service
Add --lp-user and --lp-owner to importer service
Add linux-raspi to blacklist
Convert import request structure to namedtuple
Merge branch 'reimport-service'
Merge branch 'release-process-changes-2'
Shorten test function names
Add tests for rich history edge cases
Refactor some rich history tests
Reformat for subsequent changes
Allow empty contents when porting rich history
Allow fast-forwards when porting rich history
version: bump to 1.0-rc1