Friday, 29 May 2020

Upcoming git-ubuntu repository disruptions

Now that 1.0-rc1 is released, the importer output for the "unapplied"
branches and tags is now stable and I don't expect any further changes.
To bring the existing experimental repositories out of experimental
status, I'm going to "reimport" everything once.

This will cause all commits and tags to "change hashes", leading to
non-fast-forwarding updates to all branches. If you are following the
experimental respositories, you will need to accommodate - perhaps by
rebasing any existing work on the new imports.

Once all repositories are updated, we will be able to take them out of
"experimental" status and they will be able to be considered stable for
regular use.

Note that this only applies to the "unapplied" branches and tags.
"applied" branches and tags and the various support refs such as for
pristine-tar and dsc files may still non-fast-forward at any time.
However I don't expect that to be a problem for how the git-ubuntu
repositories are typically used today.