Friday, 19 June 2020

+1 maintenance report

Hey there,

That's the summary of my +0 maintainance this week (somehow reduced one
again since I was working part time still)

* tested the by-team-report with the britney rebase and submitted a fix
for the script failing on some file formatting changes
* poked a bit at bug references being buggy with the new version,
waiting to see if that's fixed on the britney side now
* reported some other small nitpicks in the new reports
* bolt failed to build without log on riscv, retried, worked and migrated
* retried tests to unblock libgphoto, migrated now
* retried openssh/gvfs tests, worked
* retried balsa/sqlite3/armf64, worked
* retried cwltool/armhf which was blocking procps
* retried auto-apt-proxy/armhf which was blocking apt
* retried dgit/arm64, allowed git to migrate now
* started working on the fonts-font-awesome failures, not finished yet
* did some sponsoring and retries for Olivier

Sebastien Bacher

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