Thursday, 25 November 2021

Re: Proposal: revert recent debianutils changes for Jammy

I have been playing whack-a-mole trying to fix usage of those two
commands in all the places. It will be a painful and long process, not
only because we need to merge changes from Debian, but because we have
Ubuntu-specific deltas that use those commands all over the place as

I agree that it is unnecessary transition to be done for Jammy. We can
choose to schedule this transition after Debian in a post Jammy

It is in no way an expression of opinion about this transition, purely
a choice to coordinate timing of it with our release schedules.

+1 from me please go ahead, I was contemplating to propose the same myself.



On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 12:53 PM Robie Basak <> wrote:
> You may be aware of a couple of recent changes in debianutils in Debian:
> 1. The "tempfile" command has been removed.
> 2. The "which" command now prints a deprecation warning on every
> invocation.
> These have ramifications across the archive, and also outside the
> archive, as everything that relies on these commands need adjusting.
> This kind of big change is being done in the right place in Debian's
> release cycle - shortly after a release. But for Ubuntu, it's the
> opposite - we're a few months away from an LTS release.
> Risk 1: before everything is settled, we release an LTS that is
> unpolished with regards to these changes.
> Risk 2: the changes may prove unpopular with users. Given that these are
> deprecations coming from Debian, it seems odd for Ubuntu users to face
> this ahead of Debian and without appearing in our interim releases
> first. Debian may end up applying mitigations for specific affected user
> stories but we would be stuck with the behaviour defined at our LTS
> release time.
> Proposal: we revert these two changes in an Ubuntu delta on the
> debianutils package, and reconsider syncing back with Debian _after_
> Jammy is released.
> Then Debian can lead the way, and we won't get additional work ensuring
> that there are no user-facing warts ahead of Debian's schedule.
> Any objections to an upload to debianutils in Ubuntu reverting these two
> changes?
> Robie
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