Thursday 19 October 2023

Re: Merge ubuntu-motu@lists into ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists?

If the lists merge, I'm sure Canonical / Ubuntu IS can set up a redirect
so that ubuntu-motu@lists.u.c redirects to
ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.u.c.  Email redirection is fairly trivial
when you have access to control mail flow.  So I would not be as
concerned about there being a "lost contact field" in that case.


On 10/18/23 15:57, Laurent Lyaudet wrote:
> Hello :),
> I found this list while searching contact information for this package:
> Search Ubuntu MOTU Developers on the web page.
> I think there must be a good number of packages where this list is
> given as contact.
> Best regards,
> Laurent Lyaudet
> Le mer. 18 oct. 2023 à 02:45, Steve Langasek
> <> a écrit :
>> Hi folks,
>> There is a mailing list,, that sees very little
>> activity. While MOTU as a concept still exists for those who are approved
>> uploaders to universe but not main (, it's been
>> quite some time that this list is not being used for discussions within that
>> subcommunity of developers.
>> Indeed, I think most MOTU are probably not tracking the list at all, and a
>> look at the message history over the past 6 months shows the only threads
>> started on there are from users asking for help with one universe package or
>> another. It's not clear to me how users are finding this as a contact
>> address, but it's not a good experience for them; the list is infrequently
>> moderated (I have the impression that it's less frequently than
>> ubuntu-devel*), and there are only a handful of developers who answer on the
>> list (myself, Robie, maybe a few others?).
>> I'd therefore like to propose we close this mailing list and forward the
>> address on to, which at least has a
>> larger subscriber base and is more likely to result in users getting help
>> with their questions.
>> Opinions?
>> --
>> Steve Langasek Give me a lever long enough and a Free OS
>> Debian Developer to set it on, and I can move the world.
>> Ubuntu Developer
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