Wednesday 20 March 2024

Better dose-distcheck reports for time-t transition

Hi all,

so I now publish hourly reports for noble on armhf in

The reports also learned to report conflicting (build)dependencies
and for missing ones, the chains that lead to them.

Of course, the normal amd64 reports are also available in

Still need to put the scripts in a git repository and move the
hosting to Canonical infra.

# Highlighted Reports

shows you everything in proposed with broken build-depends.

shows you everything in release and proposed that is not installable (in
again release and proposed).

# Reading the reports

In the following example, 0install depends directly on libglib2.0-0t64
but also depends on libgtk-3-0 which depends on libglib2.0-0 still.

* 0install depends has conflicts: libglib2.0-0t64=2.79.3-3ubuntu5 vs libglib2.0-0=2.79.2-1~ubuntu1
- chain 1: libglib2.0-0t64:armhf (>= 2.36.0)
- chain 2: libgtk-3-0:armhf -> libglib2.0-0:armhf (>= 2.77.3)

That is, the chains do not report the root, they are just the tail.
It's possible chain 1 and chain 2 may have multiple chains separated
by comma.

In this example:

* ovn-bgp-agent depends on missing python3-openvswitch:armhf via python3-ovn-bgp-agent:armhf (= 1.0.0-2)

ovn-bgp-agent depends on python3-ovn-bgp-agent which depends on
missing package python3-openvswitch.

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