Thursday 21 March 2024

New armhf leaf package reports


I just wrote a new script:

This is some basic apt shenanigans to walk the (build) dependencies and
then check which packages have no reverse depends and list them. It does
this iteratively, so it removes all leaf packages, and then it finds
more packages, so hence you get iterative levels.

Like britney, we do not include dependencies solely used as testsuite

We have 3 reports

Contains all `:armhf` leaf binaries

We should not be removing them all, because there may be no newer
version in proposed.

Contains all `:armhf? leaf binaries with newer source package in
proposed (regardless of whether it built them yet)

We can remove them all, but they may not be blocking migration as
they might have a newer build in proposed.

Contains all `:armhf? leaf binaries that are missing in proposed
despite a newer source package being there (so the leaf subject of
missing build on armhf in update_excuses).

This will be the most useful one: These are actually blocking
migration so we should remove them.

They all conveniently include a remove-package command to run in the
last line and are updated hourly.

I suggest ubuntu-archive just looks at this at :20 past the hour
and executes the command in the final file listed above.

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