Monday 13 May 2024

RE: pastebinit default target on Ubuntu

For awareness, with my Debian Maintainer hat on and also my upstream pastebinit contributor hat on:

Today version 1.7.0 of pastebinit was tagged in GitHub. It includes many improvements since 1.6.2 and includes the addition.

Note that while I think there's specific overrides for Ubuntu and Debian, the 'default' of pastebinit upstream is now

We can relatively quickly add code logic *in* pastebinit that changes the default for Ubuntu to or such.

1.7.0-1 was uploaded to Debian today but can be rapidly updated if needed to add Ubuntu logic. Or we can distropatch that in with a merge or such.


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On apr 16 2024, at 8:23 am, Timo Aaltonen <> wrote:
> Sergio Durigan Junior kirjoitti 15.4.2024 klo 20.51:
>> also runs a proprietary backend, so I'm -1 on using it.
>> There's, which is FLOSS and doesn't seem to load any ads.
> seems like a fine alternative, so +1 here too

Oh, I totally agree with this, and supporting was easy enough:

(for those who wants to use it already, just add that config to ~/.pastebin.d and adjust ~/.pastebinit.xml accordingly).

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