Thursday 16 May 2024

ubuntu-dev-tools and `ubuntu-build`

Hi folks,

As part of the time_t transition, I've found it useful to improve
commandline tooling around retrying/rescoring package builds.

I previously had my own local launchpadlib scripts that I used for this; but
I've recently learned that ubuntu-dev-tools ships an 'ubuntu-build' script
for this and has done since 2009(!)

When I learned about it I checked it out, and decided it wasn't really fit
for purpose. I've spent some time enhancing its set of options, and these
improvements are now available in version 0.201ubuntu2 in noble.

My question to this list is: was anyone using this script, and if so, are
you attached to the non-"batch" mode? If not, I would like to make the
"batch" mode the mode, dropping the requirement for the --batch argument.

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