Thursday, 5 November 2015

Re: Python 3 only for 16.04

Excerpts from Barry Warsaw's message of 2015-11-04 13:46:18 -0800:
> In today's UOS session on dropping Python 2 from the default
> installs/seeds/images, we captured a bunch of work items. For those of you on
> the session, please look at both the wiki and blueprint linked below, and make
> any additions or corrections you might find to my note taking.

I couldn't find any mention of OpenStack in these pages.

OpenStack is definitely driving at python3 compatibility, but work is
ongoing. I understand it will simply pull in Python 2, and that's o-k.
But it's worth noting that the subject of this mail is very alarming. It
is not that Python 2.7 won't be included with 16.04.. just that it won't
be on the default install.

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