Monday, 14 December 2015

proposed-migration news: s390x, showing triggers, direct log links

Hello all,

in the past two weeks I've worked on some enhancements on the
proposed-migration infrastructure which might be of interest:

* Autopkgtests are now triggered and enforced for s390x.

They run in LXC containers, like armhf, and are delightfully fast!
I ran all ~ 3.300 tests in xenial in the course of about 24 hours
to get a baseline.

* The package history pages on debci now show the "trigger" of a
test, i. e. the reason why a test got run. For example, deja-dup
(the "test") is being run when a new glib2.0 (the "trigger") is

As we've minimized the test dependencies from -proposed for a while
for better isolating individual packages in -proposed, this makes
it much easier to see when a changed dependency breaks (or fixes) a
package. For example

* Britney's excuses.html now links to the test log directly. E. g. if
you have [amd64]: [PASS], then the architecture continues to link
to the above package history pages like it always has, but the test
result (PASS/REGRESSION/etc.) is now a direct link to the
corresponding test log.

When a test is still being queued or being run, the "Test in
progress" will link to

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